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News We Tried It: Hangover Helpers
Never Hungover $17.49 for a six-pack of 2-ounce bottles (neverhungover.com for details) The claim: This is a tiny bottle of concentrated vitamins. You're supposed to kick it back like a shot or mix it into water, and take one bottle for every four drinks. It tastes exactly like urine smells. The consumption: On a day out with friends in Pilsen, I drank one beer, five cocktails and an estimated … Read News

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News Number Of Gonorrhea Cases In Yakima County Hit 30-year High
Fri, 02 Jan 2015 10:00:53 GMT By Molly Rosbach Yakima Herald-Republic Color/BlackColor/BlackSpitters YAKIMA, Wash. — The bad news is, the number of gonorrhea cases in Yakima County has more than doubled in each of the last two years, and is now the highest since the mid-1980s. The other bad news is, health officials don’t really know why. “It’s really … Read News

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