Top Adult Diapers

Top Adult Diapers

News Volunteers Spread Christmas Cheer To Elderly Community
More than 400 seniors were adopted this year. More than half of them listed groceries as a top priority. Volunteers and donors spent a combined $15,000 on food alone this year. … Read News

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News Avoid The Guessing Game In Search For Nursing Home
As Americans live longer, many people will face the responsibility of choosing a nursing home for a loved one. It’s particularly likely in Pennsylvania, which has the nation's fourth-largest percentag … Read News

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News The Big 10 With Jeff D'Alessio, Dec. 21, 2014
Does your heart need a little warming? This ought to do it: What's the kindest, most selfless act you witnessed in 2014?  What's the kindest, most selfless act you witnessed in 2014? That's the question for today's panel. JIM HIRES Eastern Illinois Foodbank read more … Read News

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