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News Wall Street's PC Fixation Blinds It To Strategic Pivots By Intel, Microsoft
It's a tiresome routine. Every quarter Wall Street analysts calibrate their earnings estimates for Intel, Microsoft, Micron and other 'old tech' companies according to the latest IDC and Gartner PC sales figures. PC sales down? Intel and Microsoft are sure to take a beating. It's as if these are still monolithic businesses stuck in 1995. Yes, Intel did have to reset expectations a month before … Read News

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News Forest Protection Is About To Get A Major Boost From Satellites And AI
Monitoring global deforestation can be a tedious process of analyzing individual satellite images from a handful of government spacecraft and trying to infer trends from relatively blurry pixels. Even so, recent advances have yielded clues about shifting hotspots of deforestation, including tropical nations and industrialized countries The mini-boom in the private sector satellite and satellite … Read News

State Dependent Learning Pictures

News Portland May Dodge Parching Drought
Bull Run reserves benefit city, but rest of state in for dry year On April 1, 76 percent of the snow survey sites across the state were at their lowest levels in recorded history. At a survey site near Timberline Lodge, hydrologist Julie Koeberle measured just 17 inches of … Read News

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