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How To Treat Incontinence

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News The Twisted, Dubious History Of The Speculum
Few women enjoy pelvic exams: the crinkly paper dress, the awkward questions, the stirrups, the vague fear that can come with doctors' visits of any kind (what if they find something abnormal, something bad, something cancerous?). But perhaps no piece of the pelvic exam is as reviled as the vaginal speculum — the cold, clicking, duck-billed apparatus that lifts and separates the vaginal walls so … Read News

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News Do TSA Agents Go Too Far At The Sunport?
Holiday travel is nightmarish enough. Yet, 4 Investigates learned the Transportation Security Administration at the Albuquerque Sunport may be handing out extra headaches to people who already have a tough time getting around. … Read News

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