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How To Control Bladder

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News Why JFK Still Matters
Since John F. Kennedy’s death, there’s been little presidential rhetoric that was not either bombastic and self-serving – Reagan’s “tear down this wall” – or cringingly dishonest – Nixon’s “I am not a crook” or Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” … Read News

How To Control Bladder

News Miss Wayland 2015 Trusts God To Overcome Birth Defect
When the judges’ decision was announced last Saturday, Nov. 15, at Wayland Baptist University’s Miss Wayland 2015 scholarship pageant, Kelsi Crawford was overcome with emotion. As she was crowned, Cra … Read News

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News Benedict Cumberbatch On Erotic Fan Fiction & Wanting A Ryan Gosling Moment
It’s safe to say that Benedict Cumberbatch is having an “it” moment.The 38-year-old British actor, who, up until this point, was most famous for portraying Sherlock Holmes on the Emmy award-winning BBC series and being the subject of an endless circulation of memes, is enjoying tons of hype ahead of the premiere of The Imitation Game. The Oscar-baiting biopic about Alan Turning, the gay … Read News

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