Different Brands Of Diapers

Different Brands Of Diapers

News How Your Brain Chooses Products
Provided by Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office Say you’re out shopping for basic household goods — perhaps orange juice and soup. Or light bulbs. Or diapers for your young child. How do you choose the products you buy? Is it a complicated decision, or a simple one? It could be complex: Factors like price, quality, and brand loyalty may run through your mind. Indeed, some scholars have developed … Read News

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News The Brain In The Supermarket
( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) In a new paper, MIT researchers suggest that your brain is most likely deploying an 'index strategy,' a straightforward ranking of products, when you shop. It may not be an absolutely perfect calculation, given all the available information, but the study suggests that an index strategy comes very close to being optimal, and is a far easier way for … Read News

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News Subscription Box Business Booming Thanks To Busy Moms & Dads
What was once just the realm of fruit of the month club has exploded in growth over the past few years. There are now hundreds of box services. … Read News

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