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News The Role Of Minerals In Your Diet
RENO, NV –(Marketwired – June 08, 2015) – Every living cell on earth depends on minerals for proper structure and function. Minerals are naturally occurring chemical elements that are found in the earth. Erosion breaks down stone, rocks, particulate and sand to form soil, which is the basis for plant growth. The minerals are thereby passed on to the plants, which are in turn passed on to the … Read News

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News Can Canada Win The Women's World Cup? Head Coach John Herdman Thinks So
John Herdman believes Canada can win this tournament, even if many outsiders disagree. … Read News

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News Geek Shortage Stymies Israel's Tech Boom
Israel's technology miracle is threatened by a dearth of people in the very professions that made it happen: engineers and computer scientists. Companies such as the U.S. units of SanDisk and Broadcom say finding qualified workers is one of their biggest problems. This in an economy whose health depends on exports—about one-third of them from technology companies. … Read News

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