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News Six Disturbing Medical Issues In The Case Of Purvi Patel, And One Hopeful One
Editor’s note: Reporter Amy Gastelum, who has been covering the case of Purvi Patel for PRI’s The World, is a registered nurse from Indiana who has worked in antenatal and postnatal care units. … Read News

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News Zero Miles To The Gallon: Fleets Tackle Idling
Fleet managers use driver education, incentives, company policy enforcement and telematics to reduce idling and save fuel. … Read News

Pictures of Depends Home Delivery

News Accenture Acquires Axia Limited To Expand Accenture Strategy Capabilities For Helping Clients Improve Competitiveness
NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accenture has acquired Axia Limited, a U.S.-based strategy consulting services provider. … Read News

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