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News Combine The Personal, Interpersonal, And Impersonal For Better Business Results (Success In 3D)
" If management views workers not as valuable, unique individuals but as tools to be discarded when no longer needed, then employees will also regard the firm as nothing more than a machine for issuing paychecks, with no other value or meaning. Under such conditions it is difficult to do a good job, let alone to enjoy one's work. " – Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi You can see professional life in three … Read News

Depends For

News What The Hell Is Going On With Seamless
Seamless, the once-simple and reliable food delivery app, has undergone an unwanted and ill-advised redesign. Archived orders? Gone. A user-friendly interface? L-O-L. A functioning website? Depends on how you define “functioning.” Fare thee well, Seamless and burn in hell: you’ve ruined a good thing for absolutely no reason. Read more … Read News

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