Colon Inflammation Symptoms

Colon Inflammation Symptoms

News Mystery Disease: Fingernails Tell All
Imagine losing your hair, vomiting every time you ate, and living in extreme pain. Now, imagine if doctors couldn't help you because they couldn't figure out what was wrong. That's exactly what happened to one woman, until they took a look at her hands. … Read News

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News Curb Overuse Of Antibiotics To Reduce Drug-Resistant Superbug – Expert Available
Infectious disease specialist available to discuss the how an aggressive campaign to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics can help cut the rate of infection with a dangerous drug-resistant bacterium. … Read News

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News Stomach Bug Makes The Rounds In Hampton Roads
You can call it norovirus if you want. Or the more elegant “winter vomiting disease.” Or, hell on earth. Anyone who’s spent time with one body part or another over the toilet lately can tell you stomach bugs are circulating Hampton Roads with a vengeance. And the numbers confirm an uptick in what doctors call gastroenteritis, or stomach sickness. … Read News

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