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Pictures of Cheap Depends

News Will It Be A Summer Of Consolidation In Ad Tech?
Could Verizon's $4.4 billion purchase of AOL spark a summer of acquisitions in the ad-tech space? It depends on whom you ask. Yahoo has reportedly considered making Foursquare a big offer in recent weeks. The Google-purchasing-Twitter chatter has gone on for months and won't die. Yelp is reportedly entertaining suitors from Yahoo to Google and Amazon , with some analysts speculating that foreign … Read News

Pictures of Cheap Depends

News David Foster Wallace’s David Letterman Tribute
David Letterman retires next Wednesday, which means for about a month now, the internet has been awash in a deluge of valentines. But for our money, the best tribute to Letterman's mind-bending cultural legacy might just be David Foster Wallace's "My Appearance," a short story about a panicked guest waiting More » … Read News

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