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News 52-Year-Old Man Obsessed With Diapers Runs $120 Per Hour Adult Kindergarten
A 52-year-old man, who has been obsessed with wearing diapers even into adulthood, has sparked controversy after he appeared on a British talk show and admitted that he and his wife ran a $120-per-hour adult kindergarten in Liverpool, UK. The diaper-wearing man in question, Derek Ventham, who lives with his wife, Maxine, claims that the 52-Year-Old Man Obsessed With Diapers Runs $120 Per Hour … Read News

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News New Moms Gather In Support Of Tax-free Diapers
Many new California moms gathered at the state Capitol in support of a bill that would eliminate the diaper tax, which would allow young families to keep more money in their pockets, but would cause the state's General Fund to take a big hit. … Read News

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