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News New Numbers Paint Confused Picture Of American Beliefs
Days after the 4th of July, a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) paints a disjointed picture of American beliefs regarding the value of public protests, “American Exceptionalism,” America’s moral legitimacy, what is “truly” American, whether America remains a “Christian Nation,” and whether Christians in America are being “persecuted.” … Read News

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News Brazil: Congress Plays 'House Of Cards' With The Lives Of Marginalized Teenagers
On July 1, a packed House of Representatives in Brasilia voted against lowering the age at which a child can be tried and sent to an adult jail. But although large sectors of the country celebrated, Eduardo Cunha, President of the House of Representatives, was not happy – and wasted no time doing something about it. July 6, 2015 AIUSA As political U-turns go, this was a pretty spectacular and … Read News

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